The Raging Grannies are a worldwide movement of women (International Raging Grannies) who use non-violence, song and humor to protest war, inequality, and environmental destruction while advocating for peace, justice, and sustainability, both on national and international levels and on local issues.

Grannies write new lyrics to familiar songs to advocate and protest for a better world. Raging Grannies hope to carry on the ancient tradition of the strong, wise older women who advised, mediated and fought for what was right. Our efforts come from our desire to leave a better world for our grandchildren, your grandchildren and everyone's grandchildren.

dove right dove left


dove Peace

True peace arrives through economic justice and protection of human rights. Application of military might destroys these on both sides of the conflict.

Hudson River view Environment

Climate stabilization is possible. What you do makes a difference. Denmark already has very comfortable, modern, sustainable, solar/wind powered communities totally independent of foreign oil. We can too.

nuclear facility at Indian Point Nuclear Safety

The World Health Organization has stated that no level of radiation is safe. Nuclear power plants have "planned" releases of radiation as part of normal operations. Our local nuclear power plant at Indian Point has a record of many additional "unplanned" releases of radiation to the air and ground water. We want no more strontium 90 in our grandchildren's baby teeth. We want Indian Point shut down.

And many more ...

We are caring people of all ages who join to sing and work for peace, justice, the environment, and social and economic equality. Our overarching goal is to help create a better world for everyone's grandchildren and their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We are politically alert and non-partisan. We are committed to raising consciousness about peace and issues that confront us.

Raging Grannies write their own material, setting relevant lyrics to familiar tunes. We dress in granny hats and colorful outfits, singing and speaking at community events and wherever our voices can be heard. We intend to inform, challenge assumptions (always respectfully and non-violently), offer humor and a fresh perspective and invite cooperative action for the common good. We make decisions for our group and choose our words by consensus.

Raging Grannies ... and Their Friends of Westchester County NY, welcomes new members. Our group is a blend of members of various talents and levels of ability - we are not professional singers.

If you like our message and care about these issues ...

Please Join Us!

Rehearsals in Croton-on-Hudson
on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month
from 7-9 pm

(914) 447-2075


One Tulip

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead